My Core Values

As your representative, I pledge to work on behalf of the interests and values of all SD23 constituents. My core values are predominantly shared throughout our community, but there may also be times when we must seek balance or compromise. I look forward to continuing Colorado’s tradition of practical solutions for cooperative, pleasant living.

Public Education

As your State Senator, I will focus on making sure that parents and teachers are empowered to make the right choices for their children. Those who are closest to students have the best information about what learning environments are right for their children.

As the population of Colorado has increased along the Front Range, so has the burden on teachers and on teacher salaries. The number of students that teachers are responsible for has grown. This is negatively impacting the quality of education that Colorado’s children receive. Additionally, as the price of housing has increased, the ability to afford to rent or own a home on a teacher salary has become even harder.

Schools need to pay competitive wages. The reality is that, while education funding has been increasing, teachers’ salaries are not increasing at the same rate as salaries for other positions such as superintendents and administrative staff.

The current funding system has serious structural flaws. Simply adding more dollars into this system will only perpetuate and even increase the inequities inherent in the system. Increasing the burden on taxpayers is irresponsible and will not significantly improve student outcomes. Parents want their hard-earned money to be accounted for by putting it into the classroom. I will work on solutions to the current system so that schools can attract the best teaching talent and provide an educational experience that recognizes the unique personalities of our children.


I will fight for better healthcare options and increased competition. Healthcare providers should be working to provide you, the customer, the best product at the lowest price. Healthcare has become one of the most over-regulated areas of the economy. More government control has and will only lead to worsening outcomes. If Jared Polis works to setup government price controls, it would have devastating consequences to healthcare in Colorado. Either the price controls will lead to the loss of 2,000 doctors and over 2,000 health care workers (i.e. Nurses) or it will force employer-provided insurance to pass on the costs to their employees, leading to thousands of jobs lost in Colorado as businesses find it harder to afford health insurance for workers.

No one wants to lose their favorite doctor due to government mandated price cuts.  A better solution is to make it easier to purchase insurance on the market and even offer tax credits for those who participate in the health-share market and are able to negotiate rates and expenses downwards.  Avoiding more heavy-handed mandates that further distort the health insurance market should be avoided.


Families need to be able to get to where they are going safely without spending excessive time stuck in traffic. This is why our focus needs to be first on expanding the existing road network. This must be balanced with maintaining and operating our roads. When roads aren’t maintained well it increases expenses for drivers. A recent report estimates the cost of deteriorating roads in Colorado cost $468 per driver each year.

The political party currently in control of our legislature is using the quality of our roads to hold taxpayers hostage. They don’t want to prioritize the roads unless voters approve a tax increase. It should not be this way. I will never vote for a tax increase. This is because I am committed to resolving our traffic problems with the taxes we already pay and save Colorado drivers money on car maintenance.

This does not mean more subsidies or bailouts for transit. I have taken an RTD bus or train every single workday for the last six years. I recognize that there is almost no accountability for how the transit system is run or whether or not it is financially viable. Transit needs better oversight, not a bailout for bad management.

The Honegger Family