My Core Values

As your representative, I pledge to work on behalf of the interests and values of all SD23 constituents. My core values are predominantly shared throughout our community, but there may also be times when we must seek balance or compromise. I look forward to continuing Colorado’s wonderful tradition of practical solutions for cooperative, pleasant living.

A safe community

Senate District 23 is one of the safest districts on the Front Range. The way the our local police departments work with the community is a major factor in addressing theft and violent crime rates. As a state senator, I will ensure that our public servants receive the resources they need to serve our communities.

Active opportunities

A key feature for residents of SD23 is the fact that there are many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors and getting physical activity. It is important to consider all ages when maintaining and building parks. It can be helpful for families of young children to have a playground that has a section built for ages 2-5 and another section for ages 6-12. It can also be helpful to plan for and include wheelchair access for parks and outdoor recreation areas.

Economic prosperity

It’s important that as Colorado grows it has a high potential for economic prosperity for all who live, work, or visit our community. This doesn’t mean picking the winners or losers in a local economy but by allowing free enterprise and competition to increase the opportunities for prosperity. I will weigh the costs, benefits and impacts of every decision the state senate makes so that economic prosperity won’t be hindered.

The Honegger Family